Natural Complexion Unifying Treatment: SPECIFIX™ Dermalite Skin Pigment Lightening Facial

SPECIFIX™ Dermalite Skin Pigment Lightening Facial is an advanced formulation that is enriched with lightening agents and natural plant extracts. It helps to alter the melanogenesis pathway and decrease melanin formation to achieve a clear and even toned complexion.

SPECIFIX™ Advanced Facial Kits find the optimal balance between Nature and Science to adapt to your individual skin care needs. These kits are ideal for professional usage and are very effective in treating any skin problems.

Explore the skin-loving-ingredients

SPECIFIX™ Dermalite Skin Pigment Lightening Facial contains Biowhite, which is a stabilized plant complex with very high depigmentation effectiveness for lighter and brighter skin. Due to the synergy of plant extracts in inhibiting tyrosinase, boosted by the action of sulfites, it is the most active substance in the market.

Macadamia Seed Oil in the treatment kit is high in antioxidants and vital fatty acids – it contains 18-25% palmitoleic acid, an essential fatty acid whose level falls as skin age, making macadamia a veritable superfood for your skin.1

With all of these powerful combination of novel technology from science & nature, experience increased skin clarity with less hyperpigmentation spots!

Place your order for SPECIFIX™ Dermalite Skin Pigment Lightening Facial and discoverthe whole range of SPECIFIX™’s revolutionary formulations that are specifically made for every skin type.


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