Skin Pigment Lightening Facial

Advanced formulation helps decrease melanin formation and achieve clear and even skin

Dermalite Skin Pigment Lightening Facial is enriched with lightening agents and natural plant extracts.

It helps to alter the melanogenesis pathway and decrease melanin formation to achieve a clear and even toned complexion.

Niacinamide and Saffron Flower Extract remove dullness of skin, increase blood circulation and promote cellular regeneration.

Active ingredients:
Niacinamide, Saffron Flower Extract, Biowhite, Sulphorawhite, Macadamia Seed Oil


Cleanses and lightens skin tone while boosting moisture level.

Clears dead skin and minimized dark spots and dullness.

Diminishes discolorations and activates skin renewal.

Inhibits scars and pigmentation formation and increase fairness.

Regulates pigmentation formation and soothes inflammation.

Lightens hyperpigmentation spots induced by UV and irritants.