SPECIFIX™ PROFESSIONAL – For Specific Skin Needs

A smooth, flawless, clear skin is totally achievable, especially with skin care products that are proven to be effective and safe. At SPECIFIX™, we combine science with Mother Nature’s pristine beauty. Our in-depth experience is in carefully balancing intellect, nature, and science to create long-lasting skincare products that inspire beauty and wellbeing from the inside out.

The two fundamental pillars that preserve our brand identity and are represented in all we do are a strong scientific R&D team & a persistent focus in acquiring powerful substances from the earth’s surface. With a focus on skincare innovation, SPECIFIX™ explores the marvellous resources of nature and cutting-edge science to develop front-line formulas that are tailored to the unique requirements of contemporary men and women.

Experience the power of nature and discover the whole range of SPECIFIX™’s revolutionary formulation that are specifically made for every skin type.


Trusted and approved by aesthetic doctors, dermatologists and medi-spas around the world, SPECIFIX™ Advanced Facial Kits maintain skin youthfulness and while returning your complexion to its healthy luminosity.

Designed to cater to your specific skin care needs, SPECIFIX™ Advanced Facial Kits strike the perfect balance between Nature and Science. Suited for professional use, these kits are highly efficacious in resolving any and every skin issue.


Glowing skin is always in! Experience optimized skin renewal performance and total revitalization that will leave your skin fairer, smoother, deeply hydrated and blemish-free with SPECIFIX™ Professional Serums. 

Harnessing the powers of nature and botanicals, SPECIFIX™ Professional Serums are specially formulated to target specific skin problems. Each vial contains highly concentrated dosage of efficacious actives to rejuvenate the skin.

Get ready for a total skin transformation and embrace the skin you are in with SPECIFIX™.

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